Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thanks, GOP

Today is Saturday, 30 July 2011.

There is no necessary and logical connection between raising the debt ceiling and cutting federal spending.

Raising the debt ceiling is simply a necessary condition for preserving the welfare of the nation.

How government works. Doh.

So, why do Republicans wish to make this connection and sabotage the perfectly normal raising?

Some in the Republican leadership seem to wish not to raise, causing economic damage to America (i.e., an anti-American act), so they might attempt to pin the blame on the damage on Obama, in their attempt to regain the presidency.

Others, particularly in the Tea Party faction. Well, they cheered on Reagan and the Two Bushes when they incurred 2/3 of the national debt, now didn't they? Ah, but they were white boys, were they not? So, now, blame everything on ... gosh ... the first Black president.

As a white boy born in Gulfport, Mississippi, I know the Klan when I smell it.

Get a sheet.

And others, they're ideological delusionists, who imagine government and business should be run the same, that there's an "Imaginary Friend Hand Who Controls Markets Perfectly", that Ayn Rand Was the Prophet of God, etc.

If this nation defaults, it will most harm "The Little People".

And throw the global financial system into further disaster.

Thank you, Grand Old Party.


Anonymous reader said...

HH, do you SERIOUSLY think that the GOP would tank the U.S. economy just because Obama is black? You need to find something else to write about because that makes no sense.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous another one said...

You'll be happy to know they hashed out a deal - so we won't have to blame the country's default on President Blackie McBlack.

5:57 PM  

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