Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And the Pig Is In the Poke
Today is 10 October 2012.
It’s the birthday (76!) of Mr. Patrick Ward, a great chemistry teacher, and a greater human being and friend.
Happy birthday, old buddy!
It is also the birthday, in 1884, of Eleanor Roosevelt.  (The Museum cat, Eleanor Roosevelt Cat, was born in 1998.)
Mitt “Snit” Romney continues to refuse to come clean about his specific tax plans should he, by some unnatural disaster, be elected.
In a recent interview on CNN, he said:
"Well, I'm not going to lay out a piece of legislation here, because I intend to work together with Republicans and Democrats in Congress, but there are a number of ways one could approach this. One would be to have a total cap number. It could be $25,000, $50,000. And people could put whatever deduction in that total cap they'd like. Or, instead, you could take the posture that Bowles-Simpson did, which is going after specific deductions and limiting them in various ways. There are a number of ways we can accomplish the principles which I have: lowering rates for middle-income people, making sure high-income people don't pay a smaller share, and simplifying the code and then encouraging growth."
In a recent appearance on 60 Minutes, Mitt said:  “The devil’s in the details; the angel is in the policy, which is creating more jobs.”
Whatever that means.
Snit’s subtext:  I was born to wealth and privilege, so you subjects shut up and obey.


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