Friday, November 02, 2012

No Sense of Decency?
Today is Friday, 2 November 2012.

I’ve seen a number of self-described evangelical Christians on TV saying that they’re voting Romney, because he’s anti-choice (well, at least during this election cycle).
How do they justify voting for a believer in a concocted religion which is a mocking burlesque of the faith they claim to hold?  (Joe Smith was the Lafayette Ron Hubbard of 1820s America.)
First, there’s Smith’s use of “peep stones”, also known as “seer stones”.  These were rocks which one put in the bottom of an upside-down hat, concealing them from the sun with either hand or head, which enabled one to see, super X-ray like,  lost objects or buried treasures in the ground.  Smith’s family organized treasure expeditions, conning locals into investing in the hunt, in exchange for a proportionate sheer of the booty.  Smith also claimed to use a peep stone or stones in translating the golden tablets which became the foundation of Mormonism.  Jesus did it all the time.
Second, there is Smith’s unseemly and apparently boundless appetite for women as sex objects, including women at least as young as 14.  Jesus also did it all the time.
Third, there’s the problem of infinitely continual revelation by the Mormon leadership, which includes the suspension of polygamy (at a time when Federal troops were poised to invade Utah) and the rejection of the alleged sub -humanity of Blacks (as noted in my column of 25 October, “Mitt Klux Klan”).
According to Apostle Bruce McConkie (in 1978):  We have now had added a new flood of intelligence and light on this particular subject, and it erases all the darkness and all the views and all the thoughts of the past. They don’t matter any more.... It doesn’t make a particle of difference what anybody ever said about the Negro matter before the first day of June of this year. [my italics]”
Whatever happened to “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13.8)?  Offer not valid when it comes to Blacks?

All this and more is counted as nothing by certain evangelical Christians, when it comes to installing Big Government as overlord of every woman’s body.

“At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”


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