Thursday, January 24, 2013

Damn Yankees!

Today remains Thursday, 24 January 2013.

I meant, of course, "Damn Republican Virginians!"

State Senator Henry L. Marsh III attended the Inauguration.  The Confederate Republicans took the opportunity to slip through gerrymandered election districts, designed to dilute the voting power of Blacks.

After the Civil War, Democrats were divided:  the Northern wing was more liberal and anti-racist, while the Southern wing was reactionary, racist, and plantation-minded.  Then in 1964, Lyndon Johnson broke the power of Southern Democrats, and the Republican Party was captured by the reactionary, plantation-minded Barry Goldwater.  And so have the Republicans remained since.

It is said that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.  In the works of Plantation Republicans, consistency is pure evil.

(For more:  today's The New York Times, "Redistricting in Virginia Hurts Blacks, Democrats Say" [a typical wishy-washy headline] by Trip Gabriel.)


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