Monday, April 08, 2013

A Modest Proposal ... for the Control of Firearms Violence in the United States of America

Today is Monday, 8 April 2013.

1.  Every owner must register all firearms of any kind in a national governmental registry.

2.  Failure to register any firearm is subject to a penalty of ten (10) years at hard labour, without parole.  This applies to each firearm individually.

3.  Each time someone dies of firearm violence, the national registry computer   shall select, at random, ten thousand (10,000) registered firearm owners.

4.  Each will be summarily executed without warning, where they stand, pour l'encouragement des autres, "for the encouragement of others."

5.  Repeat as necessary.


Anonymous Reader said...

1. Reasonable statement.
2. Questionable as to reasonableness.
3. And . . .
4. Provocative and not reasonable.
5. See #4 above.

2:31 PM  
Blogger HH said...

It's called "satire."

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Reader said...


10:27 AM  

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