Thursday, April 25, 2013

The False 43

Today is Thursday, 25 April 2013.

The first Presidential election stolen by the Republican party was, fittingly, the Centennial Election of 1876.  Rutherford (popularly known as "Rutherfraud") B. Hayes and the ruling Republican politburo bought the election from the formerly-treasonous South, in return for reversing the gains of Reconstruction, and allowing the Southern ruling politburo to institute a revised form of slavery, segregation, which I have named The Second Slavery.

The 2000 Presidential election was stolen through the agency of five Republican-controlled votes on the US Supreme Court, in the case styled Bush v. Gore.  The Court recognized that the vote in certain Florida precincts (predominately non-white majority) had been tainted by vote suppression efforts and through outright fraud in ballot counting.  However, the majority ignored this on spurious procedural grounds, and stole the Presidency for W. Bush, George.

Thus, the W. "Presidential" Library being dedicated today is not an artifact of a Presidency, but a monument to a malevolent political party, an evil personality, and their series of crimes.

In my writings on history, I've named W. Bush, George "The False 43."


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