Friday, May 17, 2013

"The bitch wanted it, sir!"

Today is Friday, 17 May 2010.

It is currently popular, in some oh-so-politically-correct circles, to slander America's fighting males, by claiming that they are engaged in wholesale sexual harassment of women military.

Oh, puh-leez!  

Women are descended from Eve, the first and Primal Slut, who Wanted It, and used the apple in the Garden of Eden to achieve sexual dictatorship over the helpless Adam.  As a result, Adam and Eve, and all humanity, were expelled from the Garden forever.

Some years ago, when it was proposed to slutify the American military by creating mixed-gender units, the government was warned. Women would use their sexual wiles to beguile males, then file false charges against them which would result in court-martials, and their subsequent convictions and emasculations.

Like all women, bitches in the military Want It and Like It.  If there are males who want to give it to them, more power to them:  take back the night.


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