Thursday, May 09, 2013

Republican Leaders Love Commies More Than Americans

Today is Thursday, 9 May 2013.

The current borrowing cap for the U.S. government will, by law, be reached on 18 May.  However, various accounting magics should delay the actual moment of potential default until September or even early October.

The solution is simple and ordinary:  Congress passes legislation raising the debt limit and the President signs it.  Despite the many falsehoods (spewed forth by con-servatives in general and Republicans in particular) equating individual and/or family debt to government, they are in fact as different as apples and aardvarks, and the way ALL governments work.

The far-right extremist Republican leadership which controls the House of Representatives is preparing to introduce legislation embodying their insane solution:  the government should pay only a fraction of its bills.  Given first priority would be government-issued bonds held by Americans, and Social Security payments.  

Next in line would be foreign-owned government-issued bonds.  (Communist China owns $1.27 trillion.)  Only if anything remains would domestic programs be funded, including Medicare, payments to veterans and serving military, national security, and companies that do business with the Federal government.

Own a small business that sells to the government?  When it's time to pay, the Republican leadership has two words:  "Fuck you!"  A veteran?  "Fuck you!"  You get the idea.

In other words, the far-right extremist Republicans in Congress are willing to destroy America's credit rating, and cause another Great Recession, or even another Great Depression, all for their evil goal of driving a duly-elected Black President from power.

In this way, Republican leaders serve and love Commie China, not the American people.


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