Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sanford for Congress?

Today is Tuesday, 7 May 2013.

Sure, Mark Sanford betrayed his wife and children and destroyed his marriage and family.

Sure, this was because of his insatiable appetite for his "soul mate," an Argentine firecracker.

Sure, he embezzled taxpayer monies to satisfy his lust for being a slut and to hump ...err... hike the Appalachian Tail ...err... Trail.

Sure, he lied about it until he was caught.

Sure, he betrayed the people of South Carolina.

Sure, he violated a protective order and broke into his ex-wife's house so he could watch TV.

However, says Sanford:  "Redemption and second chances are the American way."

After all, he said that he was "sorry," and thus the slate must be wiped clean.

Is this "redemption," that he refuses to make amends and to suffer no consequences?  Is he owed a "second chance", a second bite at the apple, to do what he did before?

Should a male who rapes 100 women be allowed to say "sorry" and escape any consequences? Or commits serial pedophilia?  Or mass murder?

No.  All of sound mind who vote for Sanford vote to extinguish all decency and thereby permanently disgrace themselves.


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