Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day and the Egg Cream

Your author would have wished to post something more strident than the following for this date (remarks on another anniversary of this day are impending), but, this being Earth Day, I wish you, dear readers, to enjoy, after an obligatory strident remark, something soothing.

Anyone who reads this blog certainly knows the dire situation of this planet: overpopulation, the misery of billions, ever-quickening depletion of vital resources, global warming, pseudo-religious fanaticism, homocidal nationalism, delusionary economic thinking, [your favorite horror here], etc.

Now, the egg cream.

The origins of the name "egg cream" are uncertain. It was certainly invented at a soda fountain in Brooklyn, New York, in the lat 19th century.

The following recipe is from Welcome to Junior's: Remembering Brooklyn with Recipes and Memories from Its Favorite Restaurant (Marvin and Walter Rosen, with Beth Allen; New York: William Morrow and Company, 1999).

2 ozs. chocolate syrup (if possible, Fox's U-Bet from Brooklyn)

4 ozs. cold milk

6 ozs. cold seltzer

Pour into a tall soda glass about 1 inch chocolate syrup.

Add enough milk to fill the glass 1/3 full.

Fill almost to top with seltzer and stir rapidly with a tall spoon.

Consume, and repeat as necessary.

This is not the original fountain recipe, but how many of us have a home fountain with seltzer?

Nevertheless, a great tonic for a summer's day.

Why "egg cream," when it contains neither egg nor cream? Who any longer knows?

Lou Reed recorded a song, "Egg Cream."

On The West Wing, President Bartlett once exulted in his discovery of the egg cream.

Happy Earth Day. Be kind to our planet; may our planet may be kind to us.


Anonymous earthboundmisfit said...

The Egg Cream! After reading this, I had to fall of the low-carb, low-fat, high protein wagon and (quite happily) try this out. Heavenly! and since chocolate is said to contain natural antioxidants, must be good for you as well. And I raise (another) glass of this delight in salute to our Earth, and especially thank her for the cocoa bean.

11:05 PM  

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