Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lend your voice for the deaf!

Someone in Congress has true contempt for the deaf and hearing-impaired, but doesn't have the decency to own up.

Over a year ago, someone in Congress removed language from the reauthorization bill for the Individuals with Disablities Education Act. This means that the magnificent sum of $2 million per year is no longer available to help fund several crucial national theatre programs for the deaf. As a result, some programs may go under. They've already scaled back their offerings.

(Read more: The New York Times (National Edition), 12 April 2006, p. B1.)

Aides to Senators Chris Dodd (Conn.) and Tom Harkin (Iowa) are working to reinstate these funds; they haven't been able to discover what coward pulled the authorization.

Please join me in writing your senators and representatives, demanding they join Dodd and Harkin and ensure this funding is reinstated.

The USE (United States Empire) is currently on track to spend at least $1 trillion for the conquest of Iraq. (This includes war-fighting, rconstruction, lost productivity, pensions and healthcare for veterans, interest on the funds borrowed to pay for the conquest, etc.)

Surely the USE can afford $2 million a year for such a worthy cause.


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