Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Day 2: Death From Above

Today remains Thursday, 15 May 2007, the Ides of March.

“Another precedent is broken”.

[Name that tune.]

This column is dedicated to another special friend, the column whence HH goes happy theme twice in one day. Who knew? (Don’t worry: doom and gloom returns tomorrow.)

HH is perhaps soon to be a foster father.

In the front yard of the family compound, an old oak tree, some three stories + high. In the tree top, I noticed this AM two hawks are building a nest.

Will they complete it? Will baby hawks be born?

If baby hawks are born, will this qualify me to sport a T-shirt with an adaptation of a paratrooper slogan: “My Foster Children Are Death From Above”?

Certainly brought me back to the Thoreau thing. I sat for an hour this morning, watching the construction site, and really listening to all the bird and other natural sounds I normally hardly heed.

Yes, humanity is destroying this world, but, while it lasts, for a few of us, it’s a wonderful life.

[Oops, that’s not so happy is it? Well, the special dedicatee and moi are both hardcore movie junkies, so let’s just justify that sentence as Coming Attractions for the morrow.]


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