Monday, March 26, 2007

Impeach Gonzalez 2

Today remains Monday, 26 March 2007.

Yes, “Anonymous”, a cabinet member may be impeached, as can members of the Federal judiciary. The question of impeachment of a member of Congress is unsettled.

I should of course have mentioned two other reasons for impeaching and removing Gonzalez.

First. Gonzalez claimed initially to be entirely out-of-the-loop in regard to the district attorney firings. Justice Department documents now show that Gonzalez and the White House were not merely in-the-loop, they were the Prime Movers. Either Alberto (“Fredo”, as W. Bush calls him) “misspoke”, in which case he is so divorced from reality as to require institutionalization, or he lied flat out and with malice aforethought to the People of the United States.

Second. Gonzalez has been a steady champion of torture as a “weapon” in the undeclared (and therefore Constitutionally non-existent) “war on terror”. For example, his infamous memo to Bush of January 2002, in which he labels the provisions of the Geneva Convention regarding humane treatment of prisoners as “quaint” and the restrictions on inhumane interrogation techniques as “obsolete”.

To Gonzalez, the President is an elected Fuhrer, and his methods may mimic those of A. Hitler, J. Stalin, and S. Hussein.

Gonzalez is unfit for any office of public trust in the United States. His values do fit him for any office under Kim Jong-il.


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