Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haley's Comment

Today is Saturday, 24 March 2007.

Herewith, a response to the comment by “Anonymous” to the column, “Massa Barbour Hates the Poor”.

Mayhap, “Anonymous”, you weren’t out and about in 1960 in the American South, land of the Confederate Swastika.

One such as Haley Barbour, 12, white son of a white lawyer, yes, a self-absorbed adolescent, would nonetheless known everything about racism. Would have seen it every day, breathed it, smelled it, lived it, profited from it.

Sure, it’s exculpatory to pretend oh, he was just an adolescent, he didn’t know, he was just consumed! by hormones. He didn’t notice how Blacks were treated under segregation, the Second Slavery. Didn’t notice the victims of lynching, “Strange Fruit”, hung from the trees of Mississippi, and the fire bombs raining down on those “of the colored persuasion” who dared demand freedom.

Just bidness as usual. The every-day environment. Didn’t notice it anymore than he did the rain he didn’t bother to come in out of.

And those adolescent Blacks, they didn’t notice Sharpeville or lynchings or firebombs or every ordinary day’s quota of racism, because they were too busy being happy 24/7 in the Land o’ Cotton, doin’ what they do best: singing and dancing and picking the cotton.

Adolescence in the states of the Old Confederacy in 1960 was kin to adolescence in Germany 1933-45: in the former, whites and Blacks, in the latter, aryans and Jews.

Sometimes “the child is father to the man”. I doubt Haley started off a bleeding heart, and hardened into a callous scourge of the poor (white as well as Black).

Yes, like the rain, which the Good Book says falls equally upon the just and the unjust, Massa Barbour’s grocery tax falls equally onerously on the poor of every pigmentation. For this reason I say, “Massa Barbour hates the poor of every race”.

Granted, I should have said, “race”, since “races” are non-existent.

But I don’t get your reference to “demon spawn” at all.

I don’t believe in demons: Haley Barbour is just another white capitalist oppressor --- his appetites for power and money don’t require demons to power them.

1980 – Appropriately, given the topic, on this date, Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, champion of the poor and the oppressed, was assassinated in the cathedral of San Salvador, as he celebrated Mass, by the death squads of Major Roberto D’Aubussion, backed and financed by the Reagan-Bush1 regime.


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