Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Memory: Kaloman

Today is Saturday, 16 June 2007.

Is it beneath human dignity to mention this at all: the demise of Kurt Waldheim, former President of Austria and Secretary General of the United Nations?

Despite being personally a fierce anti-nationalist, well, it just shows to go ya, I’m proud that one of my relatives was a prominent leader of the Austrian Socialist Party, and murdered by the Austrian Fascists (“Der Heimwehr”) in February 1934, so I have “issues” with my more-or-less fellow-country person.

Herr Waldheim concealed for decades that he was once a proud Nazi army officer, who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against Greek Jews and Yugoslav civilians and partisans. In a letter released after his death, Waldheim noted that he “dealt too late with these events”, but excused this on the grounds of “the hectic pace of an overloaded international life.”

Sort of like Tom “When in the Course of Human Events” Jefferson, being likewise oppressed by “the hectic pace of an overloaded international life”, neglected to notice the implications of his sweet phrase, “All men being created equal”, while enslaving and raping human beings.


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