Monday, July 23, 2007

Always Critical, Never Negative

Today is Monday, 23 July 2007.

Today a friend, CG, is 93, and still alive and sharp mentally as a tack.

Happy birthday, CG.

HH never promotes “negativity”; HH always promotes critical values.

"Critical values": What is that, which is wrong, that we might, had we only the will and the love and the strength, put to rights?

Anyone who has the bandwidth to read this, is in a privileged position, in regard to 99.999999999… % of humans who ever lived.

Negativity diminishes.

Criticism is a hope for a better life for all.

This is what I mean: a classic song with Richard and Mimi Farina, and Peter Seeger:


Anonymous Paula French said...

I would gladly pack up my sorrows if I knew anyone who could use them. If only I had my own personal Pete Seeger...

8:21 PM  

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