Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pathetic Larry Craig

Today is Thursday, 30 August 2007.

What is the sin of Senator Larry Craig?

Or, ought we not ask: what is the sin of many, if not most, in this country?

Despite Mr. Craig’s evasive maneuvers, one thing is clear: he chose to plead guilty to, in an airport bathroom, attempting to, giving or receiving, presumably, under the circumstances, anonymous oral sex.

This while he supports the Bush-Cheney regime in it's extermination of 500,000+ Iraqis.

I find his choice of venue discourteous to fellow air travelers, but, given the homophobia prevalent in this country, hardly surprising.

Given his quarter-century of marriage, I don’t know if he is strictly homosexual or bi-sexual. I cannot know if his wife knew and approved, knew and tolerated, knew and accepted, or didn’t know.

One can only speculate, that his life might have taken an entirely different trajectory if the sin of homophobic bigotry were not so prevalent, honoured, and celebrated throughout this country.

The sin of Senator Craig is that he, a wealthy and powerful person, seems to have enjoyed sexual pleasures he would, as a legislator, criminalize for others. He cynically built his prosperous career on the ruins of other humans.

The sin of many, if not most, in this country: the grand hate of bigoted homophobia, driving so many into the closet, ruining so many lives, and gleefully dancing in the light of the fires of a new Inquisition.

Senator Craig should resign, not because of his desire for sex, as the homophobes in this country would have it, but because of his efforts on behalf of the homophobic bigot agenda.


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