Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sitting 3

Today is Wednesday, 20 August 2008.

In a comment on “Sitting 2”, “Disgusted but not surprised” said:

"The 4 in 10 better get over themselves in a hurry. Soon (and no, I don't have a citation) white folks are not going to be the majority in the United States. Although I have lived the privileged life of a WASP in this country, that day can't come too soon for me."


In 1980, Ronald Reagan went out of his way to travel to a tiny backwater, Philadelphia, Mississippi, to announce his presidential candidacy at the Neshoba County Fair. Was it mere coincidence that this was the site, in 1964, of the brutal assassination of three civil rights workers by the Ku Klux Klan? (Mississippi Burning, anyone?) Was it mere coincidence that Reagan there endorsed “states’ rights”, the classic, coy, flutter-that-fan-Scarlett-and-horsewhip-the-darkies Southern euphemism for white supremacy and segregation?

The same Reagan who, as governor of California, had zealously struggled to preserve segregation and discrimination in housing.

The same Reagan who was a longtime supporter of the white supremacist dictatorship in South Africa, a dictatorship which had modeled its apartheid regime on Nazi Germany’s laws regarding Jews.

John McCain, of course, worships at the altar of “St.” Ronald Reagan.


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