Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hell With Rick Warren

Today is Wednesday, 21 January 2009.

Before commenting on the other Inaugural Address, I’ll spend a day or three in close study.

I do wish to remark again on Obama’s choice of the bigot and religious tycoon Rick Warren to give the invocation.

Mr. Warren’s brand of “Christianist” theology consigns a majority of humankind throughout history to eternal damnation, including all Jews who don’t convert. Warren’s concept of a gracious deity is one who, in infinite mercy, visits upon non-believers the equivalent of the suffering of the Holocaust, infinitely multiplied for all of eternity. The concept of worshipping such demonic brutality is immoral. Warren’s career of growing rich and influential through peddling spiritual slavery is criminal.

It is worth noting that Warren heartily endorses one of his most avid disciples, a Ugandan “evangelist” who claims to be locked in spiritual warfare with a coven of witches operating from a secret headquarters under Lake Victoria. (This charlatan has apparently seen an overabundance of Batman or James Bond films, and is a committed plagiarist.) I don’t quite know which would be worse: that Warren actually believes such manure, or that he believes that any money headed into his pockets doesn’t stink.

I can only assume that someone of Obama’s intelligence and cultivation could only have chosen Warren in order to pander to the deluded. I doubt this is even effective cynical politicking. It is certainly a disgusting misjudgment by Obama to confer such legitimacy and publicity on such an evil person.

This is not a good sign, nor a change in which anyone should believe.

Vladimir I. Lenin died on this date in 1924.

On this date in 1951, the Truman regime began the custom of nuking the American people, when the first device was exploded at the Nevada Test Site.

The Hon. Hilary Clinton was today confirmed by the Senate. One of two voting against her was David Vitter (R-La), best known in DC for being outed as an avid patron of prostitutes. Pity his family.

Just in: Obama has signed an executive order overturning a W. order which allowed ex-presidents to hide their documents from their rightful owners and employers, the American people.

Thank you, Obama.


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