Sunday, February 01, 2009

Obama, Kidnapping, and Torture

Today is Sunday, 1 February 2009.

Has Obama, acting by executive order, decided to continue "extraordinary rendition", i.e., the criminal kidnapping of alleged "terrorists" and their secret imprisonment and interrogation, often by torture, either by CIA or compliant foreign governments?

Read here:

Obama should clarify the fly in the ointment: what do "short-term" and "transitory" mean?

If extraordinary rendition is regarded as legal by the USA/USE regime, then no one, including American citizens, are safe from being kidnapped and "questioned" by any government.

If Obama wants believable change, he should immediately repudiate the neo-Stalinist practice of extraordinary rendition.


Anonymous rtr said...

Was the rendition of A. Eichmann from Argentina to Israel to stand trial wrong in your opinion?

'Extraordinary' appears to be the term that creates the circumstances under which rendition becomes a violation of international law. Understandably, after the amoral term defining of the last eight years by the Bush/Cheney legal team, one would cast a jaundiced eye at legally convenient hairsplitting.

10:20 AM  

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