Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today is Thursday, 19 March 2009.

The teapot tempest surrounding the AIG bonuses is a clever fan dance, a strip-tease, a diversion to obscure from the economically-ignorant masses the reality that The System isn’t broken and hasn’t failed: The System has worked and is working precisely according to design.

The whole point, goal, and raison d’etre of predatory capitalism is that wealth is must flow to the top of the food chain, that the meek must not inherit the earth, that lambs must be led to slaughter, that the devil must take the hindmost, and that the richer must steal from the poorer and hoard and waste.

The problem confronting The System, from the standpoint of the foxes guarding the henhouse, is to refrain from becoming too greedy, to refrain from killing geese laying golden eggs, to refrain from allowing a homicidal system to become suicidal, and to keep greed within bounds.

Last autumn, licking their chops, our masters imagined they could slay Lehman Brothers and feast on the corpse. Instead, their blinding greed almost collapsed the global financial system, which would have resulted in a calamity making the Great Depression seem like the best Christmas ever.

Apologists for The System bleat: it wasn’t the fault of The System, but of faulty individuals within it. Reality: those individuals were nurtured, molded, and programmed by The System --- "merely" pursuing the nature they were given.

As always: the problem isn't the symptom, the problem is the disease.


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