Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rush's 2nd Favourite "N" Word

Today is Thursday, 12 March 2009.


Nationalization of banks, however temporary, would, the fantasy contends, lead inevitably and instantly to the conquest of the USA/USE by “socialism”, the destruction of all freedom, and, for all I know, increased fluoridation of water supplies and thus the triumph of Soviet-style Communism.

Do OxyContin, Rush, and chill. Nationalization of banks has been around for decades.

What happens when an FDIC-insured bank fails? The bank is seized by the FDIC (gasp: nationalized!). Then, in most cases, some assets are sold to a sound bank, the remainder sold off by FDIC, depositors reimbursed, and the failed bank fades into the sunset.

Come, now, Rush: did even St. Ronnie Reagan advocate a return to the Good Old Days, when depositors were simply wiped out?

The entire “nationalization” pseudo-furor is just a curtain to hide the man behind: the banks were done in by greed, unregulated by the Republican foxes who left open the door to the henhouse. (Say, don’t conservatives believe in things such as Original Sin, which means all persons require the unsparing rod of the law to keep them on the straight and narrow?)

Another indicator of why Rampant Capitalism is sucking dry the bones of humanity and the planet.

Check out the Laundry Alert page at the University of Virginia at: .

Gosh, wouldn’t want the little scholars to lug that laundry and find all the machines in use. So the natural and human resources are wasted forever to hook sensors in the washers and dryers to the campus mainframe. And the little darlings can even receive an e-mail alert when their laundry is done! (Gosh, ya think people in Liberia would love to have that service? No, they'd prefer water that won't give them fatal diseases.)

I say to the little scholars: “There’s the river; those are the washing stones; get yer butt on line”.


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