Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama Coddles War Criminals

Today is Wednesday, 13 May 2009.

The cowardly decision of the Obama regime not to release photos of US military crimes against Iraqi prisoners is rationalized as avoiding further inflammation of anti-US sentiments in the Middle East, which latter would in turn endanger US military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is absurd and asinine to imagine that, given the hundreds of thousands of needless deaths In Iraq caused by the Cheney-Bush regime, or murders one should say, that anti-US sentiment can be significantly more inflamed.

Given the Obama regime’s policy of coddling the Bush-Cheney war criminals, and its eager embrace of scapegoating lower ranks, I can only draw the conclusion that Obama is loathe to "inflame" American anti-war crimes sentiments.

When Gerald Ford coddled the war criminals of the Nixon regime, he at least had the excuse that he was also one of them.

What's Obama's excuse?


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