Sunday, July 19, 2009

Support Uigher Freedom

Today is Sunday, 19 July 2009.

Among the many cruelties of history are those which placed ethnic groups such as the Tibetans and Uighers within the boundaries of the Modern Chinese Empire (MCE, which calls itself the “People’s Republic of China”), which is dominated by the Han Chinese ethnic group, which makes up 92% of the total population.

Significantly, Han Chinese constitute a majority in every province, municipality, and autonomous region, save for those of Tibet and Xinjiang (the latter the homeland of the Uighers). This is not for lack of trying, since it has been the policy of the MCE since it came to power in 1949 to transfer Han Chinese in large numbers into these areas, giving them preference in every field of endeavour, thus diluting the influence and prosperity of the original inhabitants.

The Hanization campaigns have involved constant brutal repression in both areas, resulting in passive resistance and attempts at violent self-defense. It is in this context that the recent “rioting” (or “hooliganism”, a classic Soviet word, of which the Beijing dictatorship is also enamoured) in Xinjiang has occurred.

Some have remarked at the curious relative silence of the leadership of the MCE in regard to the W. Bush-Cheney regime conquests of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is easily explained when one notes that, in return, the W. Bush-Cheney regime officially listed Uighers who resist the MCE as “terrorists”. This latter is akin to labeling the German, Polish, and Russian Jews who opposed Nazism as “terrorists”, and gives the lie, as if another example were needed, to the W. Bush-Cheney claim of support for “freedom and democracy”.

I fear it’s too much to expect the Obama regime to offer concrete support to the Uigher and Tibetan peoples. The least the regime could do is remove the stigma of labeling the Uighers as terrorists.

On this date in 1799, invading Imperial French soldiers discover the Rosetta Stone, which eventually enabled the translation of Egyptian heiroglyphics.

On this date in 1898 was born philosopher Herbert Marcuse (d. 1979). “Liberal democracy is the face of the ruling class when it is confident. When it is afraid, its face is fascism.”

On this date in 1922 was born George McGovern, to whom the Museum of the Bourgeois sends fond best wishes.

On this date in 2003 died Bill Bright, multi-millionaire con artist and founder/proprietor of Campus Crusade for Christ (born 1921 in Coweta, Oklahoma). 1975 prophecy: “Unless a Republican President and Congress are elected in 1976, there will never again be a free election in this country.”


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