Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Never Trust an Angel Named "Moroni"

Today is Wednesday, 9 June 2010.

On this date in 1978, the pope (or whatever he’s called) of the largest Mormon cult announced that a new divine revelation had been received, directing that “all worthy men” [“men” meaning “males”, of course, not “humans”) could be admitted to the Mormon priesthood. This ended a ban against Blacks. How did that ban originate?

In 1848, Brigham Young first preached that those with black skin, flat noses, and kinky hair were the descendants of Cain, and therefore cursed forever.

Thus, it took 130 years for the Mormon deity to notice that the Mormons were getting it wrong, and send a correcting revelation.

Polygamy was practiced by the Mormon leadership beginning in the 1830s, and formalized by a divine revelation in 1843. Once the Federal government began exerting power in Utah in the 1850s, polygamy came under increasing pressure, culminating in a Federal law of 1887 which disincorporated the Mormon church and confiscated many properties, leading many leaders to become fugitives. As a result, a divine revelation in 1890 suddenly revoked the practice of polygamy, allowing the Mormon hierarchy to reassert economic and political dominance in Utah.

It’s instructive to note the alacrity with which the Mormon deity reacted when political and economic power were at stake, contrasted with the tardiness when the revocation of church-sanctioned white supremacy was the issue.

Much media yammering that yesterday's primary results mean that it's "The Political Year of the Woman Redux".


"The Political Year of Teabagger Women With the Dough-Re-Mi Redux".


Rep. Mark Kirk (Republican – Illinois), running for the U.S. Senate, has been claiming military service in the First Gulf War and Kosovo, which he now admits didn’t happen.

“I simply misremembered it wrong”. (Chicago Sun-Times, 4 June 2010)

As the great Yogi Berra said, “This is like déjà vu all over again”.

McDonald’s has announced that it will pay $3 for every Shrek-themed, cadmium paint-laced glass returned to its stores.

“We are making sure our customers are fairly compensated for the recall experience" [my italics]”, said McDonald’s spokesperson Ashlee Yingling. (The New York Times, 9 June 2010)

Would this be like unto the “being-poisoned-by-cadmium-as-a-child-by-a-major-corporation experience”?

NOTE: Column title may be sung to opening of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?"


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