Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iran: One Year Later

Today is Saturday, 12 June 2010.

Today is the first anniversary of the stealing of the Iranian presidential election by the pseudo-Islamic clerical dictatorship.

The regime seems to have re-consolidated its hold on power. However, its hard-line tactics of murders and imprisonments seem to have narrowed its base of popular support. One can only hope this will lead to renewed and deepened resistance.

We must always remember that the reactionary movement which resulted in the dictatorship might well never have existed had not the CIA of the USA/USE overthrown Iran’s democratically elected government in 1953. Thank you, Dwight Eisenhower and the Republican Party.

The Museum of the Bourgeois honours Medgar Evers, assassinated in Mississippi on this date in 1963 by a white supremacist.


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