Saturday, October 30, 2010

Six Feet Under

Today is Saturday, 30 October 2010.

Noted Oklahoma sex-pervert and U.S. Senator, Tom “Kinky” Coburn, is again ringing the tocsin.

Some will object to the sex-pervert designation. However, Coburn is a zealous homophobic bigot: case closed.

And what toxin … er … tocsin, is Coburn ringing this time?

Federal Programs to Die For – American tax dollars sent six feet under is the titillating title for his latest “oversight” report, which report purports to expose more than $1 billion mistakenly sent to deceased Americans for items such as wheelchairs, farm subsidies, prescriptions, shoes, and air conditioning, over the past decade.

Yes, over $100 million a year for the dead.

Perhaps, were Tom to pull his head out of his K. Street heterosex commune kinkiness for a moment, he’d realize that, in a Federal budget, or, for that matter, a corporate budget, of more than three trillion dollars a year, there must inevitably be inefficiency and waste, which can never be, in a world populated by fallible human beings, entirely eliminated.

We should also remind Tom that a billion dollars is a mere 3.33% of the $3 trillion he’s avidly supported spending on manufacturing dead Americans and Iraqis in the failing Republican/Teabagger Partei attempt to conquer Iraq.

Perhaps that’s merely an oversight on Tom’s part, but I doubt it.

You see, Tom is fiercely opposed to tax-and-spend policies, although taxing and spending is the very essence of what governments do. Tom is an advocate of borrow-and-spend, big-time.

Like any good Republican, Tom believes in spending now, and letting future generations tax themselves to pay for it.

When Tom is conveniently six feet under, and laughing from the grave.

On Tuesday next, my fellow Oklahomans, vote to send Tom to the junkyard.

Some time back, a reader asked for my thoughts about the K. street “frat house for Jesus” commune. I finally found my copy of The New Yorker article on same, and will try to re-read it this weekend, and opine.


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