Monday, October 25, 2010

Angle Preaches National-Socialism

Today is Monday, 25 October 2010.

I recently noted that Sharron Angle, the Republican-Teabagger candidate for U.S. Senate, while a Nevada state legislator, had voted to make it easier for child molesters to volunteer in public schools.

In addition to being soft on pedophilia, it now seems that Angle is also an anti-capitalist pseudo-socialist, a sort of national-socialist, if you will.

Angle is running TV ads attacking Senator Harry Reid for “living large in the D.C. Ritz-Carlton”, and as “another multimillionaire trying to make ends meet”. (While in Washington, Reid stays in a one-bedroom apartment of less than 2,000 square feet at the Ritz-Carlton. A neighbor is Carly Fiorina, Republican-Teabagger candidate for Senate from California.)

Given that Reid has earned his millions by the sweat of his brow, does Angle argue that Reid has no right to spend his own money as he sees fit? Precisely what Big Government regulatory mechanism would Angle propose, to insure that Reid spends his own money according to Angle’s dictates?

This is typical of the vicious hypocrisy rampant in Teabaggerism. Capitalism is, by nature, an engine for the manufacture of moneyed elites, and yet Teabaggers are anti-elitist, though only presumably so long as they themselves are unmoneyed.

No word yet if Angle has taken a vow of poverty, or, if elected, she will live at Motel 6.


Anonymous LOL said...

I agree with you absolutely, HH, but I was moved to comment because you made my day with your Motel 6 remark. I actually did bark out a laugh when I saw it.

4:39 PM  
Blogger HH said...

"Still the lowest prices of any national chain". Sharron'll leave the light on for ya.

7:33 PM  

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