Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happiness Is a Warm ... Gun

Today is Wednesday, 12 December 2012.

Given that statistics have shown for years that, if one uses a gun to confront an intruder in one’s home, chances are 5 out of 6 that it will be someone in your household who is harmed, if anyone … I wouldn’t bet those odds in Vegas, let alone on the lives of loved ones.
The Second Amendment has no relevance today.  The ”right to bear arms” is predicated on membership in a “well-regulated militia”.  No such militia exists, thus there can be no such right today.
Situations such as those at the Oregon mall require, not blasting away by persons who once “entertained” themselves by shooting off a half-box of rounds at a firing range, but combat skills of a very high order, possessed by very few.
The promiscuous availability of handguns and semi- and fully-automatic weapons means easy access by persons of troubled mind.
Let the gun manufacturers and the N.R.A. suffer diminished profits.  I’m entirely concerned with the griefs, sorrows, and losses of those left behind by the victims.


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