Monday, November 26, 2012

Mo' Better Klan

Today is Sunday, 25 November 2012.
Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
On this date in 1915, it was Thanksgiving.  At Stone Mountain, Georgia, where the temperature was bitterly below freezing, a dozen thugs braved the elements and gathered to inaugurate the second iteration of the Ku Klux Klan.  (Bullcrap mythologizing began early:  temperature records show a low of 45.)
While Klan2 would address secondary issues in a questfor "respectability", its core mission remained the same as Klan1’s:  the use of various means and degrees of terrorism to ensure the hegemony of segregation, the Second Slavery, and the continued economic hyper-exploitation of Black labour.  Behind all the fan dances of ideologies, the core mission of slaveries the world over and across all time remains the same:  simple, mass thievery of the fruits of the labour of slaves.  (And, as an added fringe "benefit", facilitating the mass rape of fully- and partially-enslaved women by males.)
Racism is the “justifying” ideology:  theft and rape are the actual, sordid appetites and goals.
In our time, this ideological filth deploys different fig leaves.  Enter, stage far-right, the Tea Party.
Until four years ago, Catherine Engelbrecht of Fort Bend County, Texas claims to have ignored politics to concentrate on motherhood and the family business in oil field machinery.
“Then in 2008, I don’t know, something clicked.  I saw our country headed in a wrong direction that, for whatever reason – it didn’t hit me until 2008 – this really threatens the future of our children.  (“Looking, Very Closely, for Voter Fraud”, by Stephanie Saul, The New York Times, 16 September 2012)
Engelbrecht is 42, which means she has been eligible to vote in Presidential elections since 1988.  And nothing clicked until … a n----r was elected President.  This inspired Engelbrecht to found "True the Vote", an organization ostensibly focused on combatting non-existent endemic voter fraud, but in reality the contemporary version of the poll tax, working to suppress voting by non-whites.
A Klan without sheets.  Isn’t that special?


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