Friday, April 26, 2013

The Boston Bombing: 7

Today is Friday, 26 April 2013.

Until this moment, at least, questions surrounding the role, if any, of Katherine Russell, widow of accused Boston Bomber Tamerlane Tsarnaev, have seemed relatively constrained. However, in the past day or so, the tone has often changed to, "How could she not have known what was going on?"

The answer seems simple to me.  

For many male followers of "Islam," as for many male followers of "Christianity," every female is fundamentally a crotch.  She is placed by "God" under the direct rule of her husband or, if unmarried, her most senior male relative; she has no right to command herself.  Her purpose is to serve as a receptacle for satisfying her husband's sexual appetites, to pump out as many babies as possible, and to engage in such work and chores as he shall command.  Sure, he should treat her with dignity, respect, and love, but that is entirely his choice; no matter how he treats her, he is still the tinpot god.

So, if hubby tells the bitch that what he's doing is no business of hers, that's it.  She disobeys, and he may, indeed must, discipline her, in order to restore the "divine" balance.  Such discipline may include beatings and rapes.

Such males, regardless of religious faith, resemble one another more than they would wish to admit.  Their beliefs and practices toward females are pure evil, and must be eradicated.


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