Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tea Party Pedophiles

Today is Wednesday, 22 May 2013.

Supporters of the Tea Party Movement have not bothered to think through the implications of their traitorous calls for a "Second American Revolution", meant to restore the lost alledged perfections of the First.  At least, I hope fervently they haven't.

One of the hallmarks of 1776 was the preservation of the enslavement of Blacks.  The four hallmarks of slavery, anywhere and anytime, are mass murder, mass theft, mass rape, and mass pedophilia.  That is, males who own children as slaves are free to dispose of them, their property, as they wish, whether as workers in the fields or The Big House, or as rape objects.

Many of the leadership elites of the Tea Party Movement must understand this, but their lusts for power and profit overwhelms anything and everything. Probably must of them are not pedophiles, practicing or in waiting, but the fact that they are comfortable with overlooking the historic rape of children, indicates what lengths they will go to seize power.

No organization deserves tax-exempt status for advocating pedophilia.


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