Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Twin 9-11s:  Part One

Today is Wednesday, 11 September 2013.

The 9-11 instantly recognizable to almost everyone in the United States Empire (U.S.E.) is not the original 9-1l.

The original 9-11 occurred almost 30 years before the second.  The original 9-11 was well-known to people in South and Central America, and in Europe, but the facts about it, even its very existence, were ruthlessly stamped out and ignored in the U.S.E.
The reason?  Because the terrorists behind it were from the U.S.E.
In 1970, in Chile, Salvador Allende Gossens, of the Socialist Party, was freely and democratically elected President, advocating a nonviolent revolution for social justice.  Allende subsequently adopted a fundamentally neutralist policy in the Cold War between the U.S.E. and the U.S.S.R.  These positions did not, to say the least, sit well with the Manichaean Cold Warriors of the soon-to-be-disgraced Nixon regime and Central Intelligence Agency. 

The U.S.E. National Security Advisor, Heinz Alfred “Henry” Kissinger, may or may not have said, “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go Communist through the irresponsibility of its own people,” but the statement captures the mentality and values of the Nixon regime quite precisely.

Virtually from the moment President Allende took office, CIA began encouraging his overthrow, which finally occurred in the military coup of 11 September 1973 --- the first and original 9-11. Allende, after offering armed resistance, was either assassinated in La Moneda, the Presidential Palace, or committed suicide to escape torture and murder.

Thus came into power, willfully soaked in blood, the brutal fascist military dictatorship headed by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, which for the next 17 years would trample human, political, and civil rights into the ground, control all media, establish reactionary political and economic policies which would result in the impoverishment of millions, and with impunity jail, torture, and/or murder tens of thousands.

(There he goes again, some may say:  “fascist”.  For years, many in the Chilean military hierarchy had encouraged, in officer’s messes, the prominent and loving display of portraits of Adolf Hitler.  If that is not a sign of sympathy for fascism and Hitlerism, nothing is.)

May those who implemented and/or supported the coup be disgraced and damned for all eternity.  The Museum of the Bourgeois salutes all who resisted, particularly President Allende.  The Museum of the Bourgeois stands in solidarity with all who suffered, in any way, because of the evil of the American leadership.  If we respect and embrace decency and justice, they should all be tried and imprisoned for life.


La lucha continua!


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