Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bush and the Nixon Doctrine

Yesterday, 22 April, was the anniversary in 1994 of the death of Richard M. Nixon.

Richard M. Nixon said, in an interview with David Frost, a few years after being forced out in disgrace as "President": "If the President does it, that means it's not illegal." (This is the true Nixon Doctrine.)

[The following exercise is left to the student: Parse the difference between "not illegal" and "legal".]

Nixon attributed this absurd notion to "a secret reservoir of power in the Constitution." Where did Nixon discover this dismal secret? From the author of the equally-absurd Da Vinci Code? From Nostradamus? From one of his equally frothing-mouthed anti-Semitic pals?

A cornerstone of the Constitution is that no one is above the law.

The essence of the Nixon Doctrine is that the President is not only above the law, but is the law. This is an anti-American, Constitution-destroying falsehood, worthy only of a king, duce, or fuhrer.

G.W. Bush asserts that, as "President," as "commander-in-chief," as Oz the Great and Powerful --- forgive me, L. Frank Baum --- as Bush II, he may, at his whim and with impunity, ignore the law of the land, which requires the necessity of a warrant when wiretapping communications.

(Bush disdains the Constitutional fact that the President is "commander-in-chief" only of the military, and of nothing civilian, including the National Security Agency, responsible for aforesaid wiretapping.)

Bush's assertion is the essence of the Nixon Doctrine.

ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION: For trampling the Constitution underfoot, G.W. Bush should, as Nixon, be forced out in disgrace as "President".

Public Notice: The tender attentions of the Constitution-trampling National Security Agency to this Constitutionally-protected, free speech communication are herewith disrespectfully invited.

23 April: This Day in History

1616 - Cervantes dies. Don Q lives!

1616 - Shakespeare dies.

1936 - Roy Orbison born.

1968 - Timothy McVeigh born.

1984 - First announcement of discovery of HIV virus.

1993 - United Farmworkers leader Cesar Chavez dies.


Appearing in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, "the "Doomsday Clock," a symbol of nuclear danger since 1947, currently stands at 7 minutes to midnight."


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