Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ku Klux Imus

Today is Tuesday, 10 April 2007.

Now comes Don Imus: “nappy-headed ho’s”.

Not like Imus hasn’t been living in the gutter for a long time.

A decade ago, The New York Times appointed a Black woman as White House correspondent. Imus said, “Isn’t The Times wonderful? It let’s the cleaning lady cover the White House”.

I don’t much care by now what is in the heart of Imus. What I care about is the hate and filth spewing from his mouth.

I believe in the First Amendment. Imus can spew hate and filth whenever and wherever he wants. (I suggest noon on any Saturday on 125th Street in Harlem.)

But Imus’ speech isn’t free: he charges a high price for it. And CBS and NBC pay that price because he’s such a profit center.

Maybe Imus isn’t a racist and female-hater in his heart. Maybe he’s just so greedy he’s willing to pander to racists and female-haters who consume his filth. Maybe CBS and NBC are just so greedy they jump at the chance to pander to racists.

“Free speech” means anyone should have the right to speak their mind, no matter how vile and evil. It doesn’t violate that right to insist no one should be paid for vileness and evil.

Had Imus a shred of decency left, he would quit. Had CBS and MSNBC shreds of decency left, they would have fired him by now.

Don Imus, CBS, MSNBC: Your white sheets are ready.


Anonymous Lily Rowan said...

Imus may believe he isn't a racist, that he just went too far in attempting to be funny; but anyone who uses such a phrase off-handedly is most certainly a racist. He should go back to meetings of the he-man-woman-haters club and forget the airwaves. (Come to think of it, Spanky and the Gang might have hated girls but I don't think the kids were bigots. Sorry, Imus.)

As for CBS and NBC, of course the motives are mercenary.

Archie and I are totally disgusted.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Jamison said...

Carlos Mencia on the Comedy Channel continually sprews what some would consider racist remarks. However, I have not heard anyone insist that he be fired and that the Comedy Channel apologize. Imus stated that he was attempting to be funny. Obviously, some people did not take it that way. Did they take it that way because sometimes Imus does serious news/current events analysis? Doesn't he regularly say what he thinks and generally poo poo other people's opinions? Goodness, if people are to be fired and/or sanctioned for every stinkin' thing that comes out of their mouths, the 1st Amendment is surely is jeopardy.

The Rutgers ladies have proved they are tough individuals. They need to move on, concentrate on their lives, and concentrate on their studies, proving that Imus' candy-assed comments are not worth a response.

You are draping Imus and his networks in white sheets? That's a big leap to take. There are no shades of grey with you, HH. It's either black or white, no pun intended. You may respond that being a little racist is like being a little pregnant. I am not saying that any degree of racisom is acceptable. I am saying he was trying to be funny; obviously he is doing a poor job at it because he is grasping at straws, trying to find something to say and ended up saying something racist. He may be racist, but he is definately not a comedian.

4:49 PM  

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