Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Memory: Paul Newman

Today is Saturday, 27 September 2008.

The Musuem of the Bourgeois has just learned of the breaking news of the death of Paul Newman.

Following is the first thing I grabbed off the net:

We mourn.

Blessings to Joanne.



Anonymous sad reader said...

I will miss Paul Newman's good work and fine example. We are fortunate that much of his work as an actor is preserved for us, and I assume that the charitable work he contributed to and inspired will continue; but it is still sad to think he is no longer among us.

Thanks for including the "Paul & Joanne" photos. They appear to have had the kind of relationship to which most of us aspire but few ever reach.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous earthboundmisfit said...

"Newman's Own" - really a metaphor for his life - producing the best of works for the right reasons, and benefiting many in the process. The world will miss him very much, and in ways we don't even realize yet. The man did SO much good,and much of it with no news or fanfare whatsoever. A fond farewell to The Class Act of all Class Acts.

12:52 PM  

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