Monday, July 20, 2009

Moonday (Part 2)

Today remains Monday, 20 July 2009.

Let no mistake be made about it: landing first on the Moon wasn’t about expanding the spirit and consciousness of humankind, or enriching science, or sense-o’-wonder, or any such damn fool thing.

Certainly, spirits were raised, mental horizons were expanded, scientific discoveries were made, but that’s not why the lunar landing was decreed by the ruling elite and paid for by the masses: it was all about winning.

The lunar landing was always and only about a victory in the Cold War, obtaining advantage in the clash of Evil Empires (USSR and USA/USE), seizing (in the military sense) the high ground.

The lunar landing wasn’t about “all mankind”, but about narrow nationalist chauvinism. Us, not Them. We’re Number One.

We could put Whitey on the Moon, but we refused to make similar sacrifices/investments in feeding, healing, educating all humanity.

It would be another human tragedy to export such vile values to permanent settlements on the Moon or Mars. We must heal humanity and our planet, not waste scarce resources corrupting the rest of the Universe.


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