Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cars Don't Kill People...

Today remains Monday, 24 December 2012.

Far-right Senator Mike Crapo (R, ID) gave himself an early Christmas present that quickly went south early Sunday morning last:  he got plastered, ran a red light in Virginia, tested for a criminal blood-alcohol level, and was locked up for several hours for drunk driving.
And he’s oh so oh so sorry he was caught and may have damaged his career:  “I am deeply sorry for the actions that resulted in this circumstance.  I made a mistake for which I apologize to my family, my Idaho constituent and any others who have put their trust in me.  I accept total responsibility and will deal with whatever penalty comes my way in this matter.  I will also undertake measures [author’s note – a cab would be nice] to ensure that this circumstance is never repeated.”
An automobile in the hands of a drunk driver is a potential murder weapon.
Cars don’t kill people, people kill people.
But, as with guns, only if they’re used.


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