Friday, January 04, 2013

Take Out the Trash

Today is Thursday, 3 January 2013.
The New York Post called it “Hillary Clinton’s Head Fake.”
Former US UN spokesman Richard “I’m soooo clever” Grenell twitted:  “Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t testify about Benghazi!”
Extreme-right Fox "News" ("All distortion, all the time") shill Charles Krauthammer said Clinton had “acute Benghazi allergy".

Disgraced ex-Congressman Allen West said:  "I'm not a doctor --- but it seems as though the Secretary of State has come down with a case of Benghazi flu."
The Museum of the Bourgeois awards each and all their ilk a complimentary fatal blood clot.  No charge.  Please use sooner rather than later.


Anonymous Disgusted said...

Those disgraceful commentators have saved me from a blood clot because my blood is boiling. Shameful. Sad that it is not even surprising any more.

6:03 PM  

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