Monday, December 16, 2013

Fun With Lloyd and a Snake

Today is Monday, 16 November 2013.

Yesterday, Dick Lipschitz posted on his Wall the following:  “Well, here’s a thought for the day…”, accompanied by a poorly-manipulated image, floating around the Interweb, showing a smiling President Obama in a Nazi army uniform.

          Following is an interchange between Steven Python (nee Grossman), a Seminar/Lang alum, and myself.  Steven Montano need not concern us here.

STEVEN  Fact: Obama supports the Palestinian Authority negotiating positions versus the Israeli positions.  Fact:  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, spiritual leader of the Palestinian Muslims, spent WW2 in Europe, where he helped to organize a Muslim SS unit to hunt down the Jews of Yugoslavia. He also opposed any exchanges of Jewish children for German POWs, thus sealing the childrens’ fates in the camps.  Therefore, Obama supports --- in a very real and not at all hypothetical way, [my correction:  elementary consistency requires that this should be a “---“, and not a “,”] the direct war aims of Nazi Germany.
          STEVEN  Once again, Lloyd has his head up his ass with his arrogance, as well as the arrogance to speak for dead Jews --- much like his Fuhrer, Herr Obama.

LLOYD  So, Steven, in essence:  Lloyd = Obama = Hitler.  That what you’re saying?
STEVEN  You’re really good at linear thinking, aren’t you [my correction:  “,”] Lloyd?  Unfortunately [my correction: “,”] it’s never that simple.  Your postulated equation well explains how you’ve adopted your views, though.

          LLOYD  In other words, you lack the courage to answer a simple yes or no question, with yes or no.  Instead, you posture.
          STEVEN MONTANO Man, I hate being ignored.

          STEVEN  Lloyd:  You might be in the business of asking stupid questions, but I am not in the business of answering them.  I will use them to interpret the mindset of the person asking them.

          LLOYD  In other words, a lack of courage.
          STEVEN MONTANO  Lloyd, by what I have read, you lack the courage to use facts in your diatribes.

STEVEN  I wouldn’t draw equivalencies.  I do see common cause between the three.  Is that sufficient answer for you, O annoying Okie?

STEVEN Steven [Montano]: He can’t even cite facts, much less use them.

STEVEN MONTANO  Yeah, I noticed.  What is funny is whrn [my correction:  “when”] Laloge encourages him to do more buffoonarie [my correction:  “buffoonery”].

LLOYD  “equivalencies.”  “common cause.”  You cower behind words, which is a lack of courage. 

STEVEN  Lloyd:  Funny.  I never thought I‘d find someone whom I of all people could lecture regarding the problem of seeing the world in absolutes.  I seriously doubt that your childish insinuations carry any weight with any objective reader, though perhaps your amen corner will give you a pass.

LLOYD  So, if I understand your scrambled verbiage, exterminating Jewish children, for example, is not a question that one should see in absolutes.

STEVEN  As usual, you do not understand shit.

STEVEN  Lloyd:  Aren’t you expecting the grim reaper soon?  Is this the best you can do with your remaining moments on this earth?

LLOYD  You follow the same pattern:  blustering grand statements lacking all support, followed by evasions and cowering behind more tangled verbiage. Isn’t it about time for the act of surrender:  “Fuck you, Lloyd”.

STEVEN  I think you spending your time like this is you fucking yourself.  I can just sit back and smile.

LLOYD  Obviously, you are unaware that “my” interactions with you are the product of an experimental robotic writing program, with an IQ of 83.

STEVEN  That must be about 9” into you.  How’s it feel?
Stay classy, Steven!